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What do I need to qualify for a health coverage quote?
Simple – to qualify for a quote, all you need is your DOB, zip code, tax information/number of dependents and estimated income for the current year!

Why is insurance a necessity?
Insurance offsets the cost of any loss from you to the insurer – whether its medical, automotive or home. Basically, Insurance gives you a cap as to what you can be held accountable for. Essentially, it is to protect yourself.

I don’t know the first thing about insurance. Where do I start?
Don’t worry! We know how hard the process may be. We’ll gladly explain to you how everything works, step-by-step, so you’re fully aware. We have different methods of meeting for your convenience, what ever makes you feel most comfortable!

What/when is Open Enrollment Period?
Open-Enrollment-Period is the period when you’re able to enroll into health insurance and when your current insurance plans must be renewed. Open Enrollment normally begins in October for Medicare clients and ends in early December, where as Marketplace Open Enrollment begins in November and ends in Late December. Contact an agent to find out more!

What is the difference between Deductible and Maximum-out-of-pocket?
The Deductible is the amount that you must meet, or pay out of pocket before the insurance begins to cover you. The Max-out-of-pocket is the maximum you can be held responsible for in a calendar year worst case scenario.

Why does my income matter?
The Healthcare Marketplace works on an income basis. Based on your income, the marketplace provides you a subsidy or monthly credit towards your insurance bill and a 1095A form will be sent to your home address at the end of the year which must be submitted along with your tax documents. Should you not qualify for the Marketplace, we have many other private and discount plans available.

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